Weights of Evidence File Conversion

Dinamica EGO 2.0 comes with an additional command line utility to convert “.dcf” files, used to store Weights of Evidence ranges and coefficients, into the corresponding “.csv” table set, used by the Genetic Algorithm Tool to represent the same information.

This utility is called ConvertWeightFiles and it can be found in the Dinamica EGO installation folder.



A “.dcf” file can be converted into a set of “.csv” tables using the syntax below. The folder storing the “.csv” tables is created automatically based on the “.dcf” filename.

"<Folder where Dinamica EGO is installed>\ConvertWeightFiles" <dcf filename>

"C:\Program Files\Dinamica EGO\ConvertWeightFiles" weights.dcf


A series of “.csv” tables can be converted back to a “.dcf” files using the syntax below. All the “.csv” tables must be located in the same folder.

 "<Folder where Dinamica EGO is installed>\ConvertWeightFiles" <folder where the csv tables are located>
 "C:\Program Files\Dinamica EGO\ConvertWeightFiles" weights_dcf


The “.csv” tables generated from the “.dcf” file have the following naming convention:

 "<map identifier>-<variable name>-<transition>.csv"

Ex: “static_variables-d2mainroads-3_1.csv” (in this example, the map identifier is “static_variables”, the variable is “d2mainroads” and the transition is from class 3 to class 1)

It is worth noting that, it is only possible to convert a set of “.csv” files back into “.dcf” if they use the naming convention specified above.

Disclaimer: this is an experimental utility aimed to make the calibration of Weights of Evidence files using the Genetic Algorithm Tool simpler. Future version of Dinamica EGO will solve this problem using a more sophisticated and integrated approach.